National Network letter office this year according to the law to revoke 387 local channel website

Chinese net letter network December 28th news reporter recently learned from the state Internet Information Office, since the launch of the website of local channel rectification work, the national network information office this year has revoked 387 websites of local channels.

it is understood that the site has been revoked or channel establishment, some is a multi channel, channel peripheral channel, some channels of illegal contracting individual transfer, there is also illegal to engage in business activities, the abuse of news interview trickery to seek illegitimate interests behavior. According to the Central Propaganda Department, the State Press and Publication Administration jointly issued the October 2014 "on the rectification of the central news unit in local agencies notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), these problems should be revoked. Among them, the China Economic Net, China network, China Youth Network, China News Network and other central news sites take the initiative to withdraw the local channel, other sites have also withdrawn a number of local channels.

the next step, the national network information office will be based on the "Circular" spirit, promote the sustained and in-depth site channel rectification work, to further strengthen the daily supervision, perfecting rules and regulations, to revoke the illegal establishment of local channels, regulate network news gathering and dissemination of order in accordance with the law.

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