After the release of Win10 review the operating system

Microsoft released last month, the new Windows 10 operating system, I believe many of the technology enthusiasts before the screen has updated the latest operating system. Windows can go to today is indeed with the strength to win glory in battle, may have a lot of friends do not know, in fact Windows system in the course of history is not only the launch of Microsoft’s operating system, all kinds of once or short or long light off phase, but in the latter part of the development of due to various reasons to withdraw from the market, today we use this trend to see the launch of the Windows 10 operating system that has already disappeared.

1981 – MS-DOS

developer: Seattle computer products company

now Bill · Gates the richest man in the world position or no one can shake, many people think that this is all thanks to the Windows, so objectively speaking, but the richest man in the world’s first pot of gold is not from Windows, but from MS-DOS.

MS-DOS but not Microsoft’s masterpiece, it belongs to a Seattle computer products company named Tim · Paterson programmer, it took four years to compile the 86-DOS operating system, and Microsoft in 1981 to $fifty thousand to the Seattle computer products company purchased all the copyright of this product, and it will be renamed MS-DOS.


MS-DOS disk operating system (image: Wikimedia)

MS-DOS 1 was listed in 1981, Microsoft and IBM cooperation in the sale of PC on the IBM to install DOS for sale, support 16K memory and 160K’s 5 inch floppy disk. In the high cost of hardware, software is not the era of attention, Bill ·, as the core of Microsoft’s, a considerable vision to seize this great opportunity. The future of Microsoft’s dominance in the system market.


Microsoft in 2000 abandoned the MS-DOS (image: slidesharecdn)

as the saying goes, "the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old waves die on the beach, because Microsoft saw Windows brings the dawn that MS-DOS launched a final version in 2000 after the announcement to give up the operating system to bring its first pot of gold.

1985 – AmigaOS

open Trader: Amiga

now we say high resolution, 4K, virtual reality, and even naked eye 3D is no longer normal, however

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