WeChat marketing is refers to the existence of bubbles deified users of low viscosity


micro-blog marketing refers to the existence of a bubble component

Original title: WeChat

marketing how to "deified"

face ubiquitous two-dimensional code, you will immediately pull out the phone to shoot it?

after the arrival of the era of marketing, WeChat said many companies fall over each other to join can be heard without end, WeChat public account platform, to build their own enterprise marketing channel of WeChat. But the specific effect of the hotel tonight with any special COO Xin Xin said, is still the business of WeChat marketing is still not seen the scale of the successful model can be copied.

recently, AI media consulting (iiMedia Research) released the 2013 China WeChat public platform user research report. The report notes that, despite the high degree of public platform WeChat, but the actual marketing results and user stickiness is lower than expected, the use of WeChat’s public platform for marketing is not the best way.

WeChat marketing bubble component

WeChat public platform heat is high, but the actual marketing results and user stickiness is lower than expected.


WeChat in August 2012 launched a public platform for businesses, has almost become a public account of WeChat marketing standard. Individuals and institutions can be established WeChat public account, through text, pictures, voice and user communication and interaction. However, in this process, junk information bombing of the risks associated with marketing. Part of the business as a public platform WeChat marketing artifact, try to do a larger number of users, and then push a lot of irrelevant information to the user every day, so that the user experience greatly reduced.

AI media consulting data show that nearly 90% of users use WeChat nearly half of the year, accounted for 88.3%; among them, the occasional use of WeChat public platform users the most, accounting for 42.5%, often use WeChat public platform users accounted for 24.1%.

AI media consulting analysts believe that WeChat’s public platform users attention is higher, but the actual number of active users is not particularly desirable. WeChat public platform heat is high, but the actual marketing results and user stickiness is lower than expected.

this is starting to get people thinking, what is WeChat, the media, or marketing tools?

vice president of Tencent is known as the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong has hit WeChat’s true lies, "how do you use WeChat, WeChat decided to you, what is it."

, we judge, WeChat at this stage or the media, the outside world is the output of information channels, but also to understand the user’s channel. At present, our company has built a group, which is the core of our loyal users and product managers, so that our product managers really understand the needs of users. From this perspective, the value of marketing has not yet fully revealed." Ren Xin said.

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