Whale music won the Yao Ming and Google second round of millions of dollars in investment

July 5th morning news, whale music (top100.cn) has won second multimillion dollar investment from Google and Yao Ming last month. Orca CEO Chen Ge said, do not rule out the integration of related resources to launch an independent music search may have been identified by the plan Jujing music will be launched at the end of the music cloud computing services.

Google Yao Ming second round of investment

when Google music went to the intersection of decide on what path to follow when their partners do not want to stop music.

About three weeks before

, the official Jujing music from Google second investment, millions of dollars in total. In 2008, Google China for $7 million, and the Top100 launch of Google music products. The Google headquarters special funds, is part of the strategic cooperation between the two sides.


relies on Google music, but the Google Chinese Jujing music strategic adjustment, not very worried. "Short term traffic may have some impact, but the impact is not a percentage of the degree," said Chen Ge.

in addition, Jujing music initial investors, basketball star Yao Ming, this is about millions of dollars with the vote.

After this round of

investment, Google is still Jujing music small shareholders. According to sources, there is a mobile Internet, Internet and mobile phone field has a lot of investment and investment company, the depth of ongoing negotiations and strategic cooperation with Jujing music, even the future is expected to invest directly.

by the end of the introduction of music cloud program

May 31st, Apple Corp closed last year, the acquisition of streaming music site Lala, speculation that the move shows that iTunes services will inevitably turn to provide cloud computing services. Prior to the ten day, Google’s first acquisition of music company Simplify Meidia, which also opened the prelude to the Google music cloud program.

in the overseas giant restructuring industry chain at the same time, whale music is also developing a cloud based products, is expected to end this year will be officially launched, "said Chen Ge Meidia is better than Simplify".

One of the benefits of

and Google cooperation, whale music has certain advantages in the Android platform. Chen Ge is optimistic about the future potential of MediaTek (MTK) +Android platform. Data show that the whale music partners each week’s growth of two to three, covering the mobile phone, PC and Internet TV field. Yao Ming and Google is the best music brand endorsement.

however, whale music dream and not only within the territory of Google. Chen Ge revealed that the future does not rule out and other operating systems and search engines to cooperate, and even intends to launch an independent music search. (Meng Hong)

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