Facebook how did we destroy social networking sites for ten years


Author: Nathan Mattise article source: ArsTechnia

see 2005 school to my e-mail address in the admission notice, recalled open admission notice, I went straight to the front of the computer, joined by new LiveJournal group within the group, everyone is looking forward to the school to the email address, not only because it can be used for authentication of school affairs, more critical is that it can be used to log on the legendary Facebook.

time flies, nine years later, Facebook is already at the age of ten. The influence of Facebook from the beginning is very large, enter "Facebook" to search in the Google Scholar, the time range is set since 2006, the 1 million 280 thousand articles, while the same period of the "Physics" returns only 447 thousand.


Facebook is no longer the original Facebook, teenagers began to leave it ("unbearable parents friend request teenagers leave Facebook"), the contents of the above quality becomes low, the entire site is no longer the people indulge in place, is no longer a source of interesting information. We are the process of early experience, carefully build their identities, the final result is the "Facebook (social networking sites) so that more people, not into social feeling, let us change dissatisfaction is not Facebook, but Facebook had a brilliant achievement.

everyone is aware that Facebook is becoming boring, including itself, so Facebook is transforming.

why is Facebook going to be like this?.

remember Randy Newman that song

researchers early about online dating interest, until some of the results released, Facebook will be long in coming. Facebook high achievement in making friends, especially when dealing with the relationship between each other online dating: you have many friends, who in turn for you to be my friend, who have no general users still have a headache is what people should first add.

in Facebook on campus users after the opening, the above social relationships quickly became one of the true reaction, researchers began to seize the opportunity to study, test of "weak ties" sociological theory, we see the social networking site on the three dimension of communication has no effect.

In a study published in 2007, the researchers said, "when Face>

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