McDonald’s successful marketing on Pinterest 7 tricks

Pinterest is rapidly growing as a new star in the world, while McDonald’s after hearing the news rushed on the Pinterest for social marketing to test the water, the effect is very good, but said McDonald’s success is not accidental, they battle chair is 7 tips for their exclusive invention, come together at


1 set clear Pinterest target

McDonald’s Pinterest goal is two: share happiness and share visually attractive pictures.

2 dare to explore

in the first stage

in social media advertising, the money is out there is no room for recovery, because you are not sure how many people or see your ad, how many people will buy your things.

so we should set clear goals, I want how many photos appear in front of friends, and to attract many people to buy our hamburgers, fried chicken.

we will regularly engage in some activities in Pinterest, we will announce in advance on the Pinterest: this summer we will appear in the London Olympic Games and welcome you to cooperate with International Olympic Committee, Pinterest named the most beautiful picture.

3 using Tweet to promote each Pin

in Tweet, we will use the evaluation of a long list of things before, but the words to hit off in order to attract people, we now find pictures than text more effectively, so we directly use Tweet promotion every Pin.

also on Facebook we’ll get a link to our Pinterest image.

4 links related to Pin

our Pin will link to our cooperative website, Flickr account, other McDonald’s related food.

also note that every link chain to a single food, not a food plate (that users see a chunk of food actually is not only a good effect of food. Food collection on the home page is enough.

5 also uses Pinterest’s rival Flicker

Although many people think that

Pinterest will replace Flicker, but we put pictures of Pinterest into Flicker brings new profit, this is the repeated use of Pinterest resources, but the fact that more than one channel is always more customer.

6 uses images from the user

many of our pictures were taken from McDonald’s professional photographers, but we also used a lot from iPho>

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