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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 26th news yesterday, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform MT.GOX due to the loss of a large number of system vulnerabilities bitcoin can not make up for the loss of customers to apply for bankruptcy protection. As the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, but now mired in bankruptcy. The Mt.Gox platform collapsed, the bitcoin industry what it means? Bitcoin market will influence the


according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox today issued a statement on the site’s close. The statement said the decision to suspend trading is intentional, but it did not progress and the rumors that there. The statement, published on the official website of Mt.Gox, said the company noted recent reports on the site’s operations and trading markets. "Suspend all transactions and make this decision to protect the site and our users. We will pay close attention to the development of the situation and deal with it properly."

actually, Mt.Gox’s crisis is not without aura. Since the summer of last year, the platform to suspend customer withdrawals event began to appear irregularly. In early February of this year to maintain the system, will suspend withdrawals in service is uncertain for a period of time. Mt.Gox suspend withdrawals service news led to bitcoin prices fell, down to about $120.

Mt.Gox is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform, once occupied 80% of the world’s bitcoin trading volume. The second half of 2013, Mt.Gox bitcoin trading volume is China’s trading platform BTC China beyond. Currently, the largest trading platform bitcoin trading platform for China’s fire currency.

and Mt.Gox for the domestic bitcoin trading site BTC China and a number of foreign bitcoin website said in a statement: this bad fluctuation is trusted by Mt.Gox users because of his company’s own implementation of hateful behavior results, but this cannot fully reflect the bitcoin digital currency and the value of the industry itself. There are hundreds of trustworthy and responsible bitcoin related businesses. These companies will continue to make bitcoin for consumer businesses, become more secure and easy to use. As with any new industry, there are bound to be some bad things that need to be removed, and that’s what we see today.

this joint statement, all revealed the industry’s concerns, who also difficult to measure the first fallen giant, will bring much damage to the bitcoin business. Special attention to bitcoin news website coindesk showed that the price of bitcoin on Tuesday was dropping sharply to $451.74, compared with Sunday’s high of $637.49 fell to $185.

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