360 com cn domain name for price million acquisition of Qihoo 360 received No

news: love net domain name from micro-blog news, before the date of the domestic well-known commentators "flavour" in micro-blog who sold three digital products because of the domain name 360.com.cn, domain name prefix used by the domain name and Qihoo 360 security guards official website of the same time, the news caused widespread concern in the industry. Then according to the net love flavour in micro-blog posted on the sale of the address, found that the seller in addition to the 360.com.cn also has am360.com, msn360.com, my360.cn, etc. more than 360 of the domain name.


according to the domain name Whois query, 360.com.cn registered in June 4, 2003, has been nearly 9 years of domain name age, the domain name of the owner of a design company in charge of wang. The 360.cn has been taken as a Qihoo 360 protects its security software official domain name, 360.com in 2010 by foreign companies and the acquisition of Dafeng use, while 360.net had early after the domain name a domestic enterprise information platform for closing the site of poor management, the domain name after several hands on foreign.

for the price of 1 million 200 thousand yuan 360.com.cn sellers, has said: as long as the price of 360 rice farmers do not want to, there is no market price. The relevant domain name experts on the valuation of 360.com.cn in six digits or so, it seems to be sold out of the seller to sell a certain degree of difficulty or 1 million 200 thousand. After all,.Com.cn suffix domain name with respect to.Com and.Cn these mainstream suffixes in terms of, there will be a certain value gap, and this type of domain name suffix in the country there are more than one million transactions are also a handful of cases.

in recent years, the installed capacity of the Qihoo 360’s security guards software on the PC increase, almost overnight 360 has become the domestic first-line Internet Co, 360 the name became famous brand security. Last year, 360 companies in the domain name is shot frequently, big acquisitions of woxihuan.com, kouxin.com… As the saying goes, a man, jiquanshengtian, accompanied by 360 increase brand value, the 360 domain name than Qihoo 360 prices several times more than before the fame.

digital domain because of its characteristics such as simple and easy to remember, has been talked about domain name investors and Internet Co, whether at home or abroad, the domain name market, has always been a hard currency, the digital domain name good basically there is no market price, the digital domain name to be used in the case is more beyond count. The 360 as the first in the field of security to enable digital domain name security company, has been a huge success, has become a lot of business executives learning materials – Internet entrepreneurship, domain name first.


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