The national anti pornography office continue to fight the jurisprudence of mobile phone website April 15 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang He) National pornography office 14, issued a notice requiring the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) pornography office and relevant departments to further promote the work against mobile phone website information transmission yinhuiseqng special action, to consolidate the results of the preliminary work, efforts to solve outstanding problems, gradually formed the long-term supervision mechanism to ensure the full completion of the task.

"notice" pointed out that since the special action, all localities and relevant departments attach great importance to sort out the mobile phone website information transmission yinhuiseqng the interests of the chain, closing a number of illegal sites, uncovered a number of major cases, establish and improve the long-term mechanism, and urge the relevant enterprises to take safety measures, to create a good society public opinion atmosphere, received strong support from the masses, the special action has achieved initial results. However, the current task of special action has not yet been fully achieved, some problems are still more prominent, the results can not be overestimated, the difficulty can not be estimated too small, the task is still very arduous. According to the problems found in the special action to address gaps and continue to establish long-term mechanism to improve the mobile phone website management, do not slack, work is not relaxed, not weaken efforts to fight a protracted war preparations.

notice requirements, all localities and departments should pay close attention to the case to investigate and deal with the work, and always maintain a high pressure on the mobile phone website dissemination of yinhuiseqng information criminal acts. On the basis of the previous work, make full use of the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued "on the handling of the use of the Internet, mobile communication terminal, voice platform production, copying, publishing, selling or spreading pornographic electronic information in criminal cases the specific application of the law interpretation of several issues (two)" the relevant provisions, stakeholders YanZha mobile phone website yinhuiseqng information. A new method to study constantly new features of mobile phone website information transmission yinhuiseqng case and case, according to the yinhuiseqng website to the mobile phone outside the server transfer trend, in-depth research, to find the law, summarize the experience of such cases has been cracked, and constantly improve the "check" efforts.

for a new mobile phone repair shop sales, to provide consumers with yinhuiseqng information in some areas, to further increase the mobile phone sales, repair shop inspection efforts to crack down on such crimes. To fully exploit the clues, so the case will have to check, there is accountability, and always keep the pressure on the yinhuiseqng information dissemination of illegal and criminal acts, not to criminals to any place and respite, and resolutely prevent the mobile phone yinhuiseqng website a stirring among the dry bones.

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