Ma Yun Ali CEO and COO purge values to resign

21, Alibaba announced that in order to maintain the customer first values, to defend the principle of good faith, in 2010 the company has about 0.8%, namely 1107 "China supplier service is terminated due to suspected fraud, the company CEO, COO to resign. Alibaba said the company must not become a machine for the purpose of making money only, contrary to the values of the company’s behavior can not tolerate.

this is the initiative of the company’s board of directors, the independent investigation of customer satisfaction, the results of the stage.


group chairman of the board Ma said, "the good faith, is the most cherished value view of Alibaba, including our employees and our integrity for small business customers to provide a good faith and secure online trading platform. We hope to release a strong message that any act that undermines our culture and values is unacceptable".

issued an open letter to employees on the same day, Ma, he asked all the people to take a zero tolerance attitude of non integrity behavior. He said, "customer first values mean that we would rather not grow, we must not do harm to the interests of customers, not to mention blatant deception." B2B company information display, from the beginning of 2009, throughout the year 2010, the company’s international trade market fraud complaints occur. Although from the beginning of the third quarter of 2010, B2B company has started to shut down suspected accounts and take measures in order to resolve the problems, but the complaint is not extinct.

nearly a month ago, the board of directors of B2B company commissioned a special investigation team, conducted an independent investigation of the incident, verified 2009, 2010 two years there were 1219 (accounting for 1.1%) and 1107 (0.8%) of the "Chinese supplier" customers suspected fraud. These accounts have been closed, and has been submitted to the judiciary to participate in the investigation.

in the investigation process, there are indications that B2B direct sales team of some employees, in order to pursue high performance high income, deliberately or negligence led to a number of companies suspected of fraud to join the Alibaba platform. There are nearly one hundred salespeople are considered to be directly responsible. These personnel will be in accordance with the company’s system to accept a number of processing, including dismissal.

B2B for the top management team due diligence in the event of the board of directors of the company, B2B said, although the management from the third quarter of 2010 began to close Chinese involved supplier’s account, and take action to solve the problem, and the new account fraud also decreased significantly, but the board of directors believes that the organization of the needs of the problem the company continues to strengthen the values can be solved.

B2B at the same time, the company announced that the company’s CEO and President Wei Zhe and Li Xuhui COO to resign due to the above reasons. Taobao CEO Lu Zhaoxi replace Wei Zhe, concurrently B2B company CEO duties. The original B2B company personnel group senior vice president Deng Kangming resigned from his CPO post, downgrade >

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