Chinese computer forum webmaster Cheng Feng a monthly income of five thousand has been profitable

May 17th morning news, China Computer Forum webmaster Cheng Feng at the 2009 annual meeting of the Internet to accept sina science and technology interview, said the Chinese computer forum monthly income of four thousand or five thousand yuan, has achieved profitability.

following interview record:

sina science and technology: welcome to China Computer Forum webmaster Cheng Fenglai we Sina interview, you are the first time to attend the meeting?

Cheng Feng: second times.

Sina Technology: this year to feel what is different?

Cheng Feng: more think this year, because this is a very period of last year, is also a very period, because the 5.12 period is open, this is just the swine flu is such a special period, but today see the meeting so many people feel the situation is very good webmaster.

sina science and technology: you are now graduated from college students, a lot of people speaking, college students entrepreneurship, how do you look at this group of owners


Cheng Feng: I think from the Internet, the webmaster this is more suitable for students to start a business, because relative to the cost of investment is relatively small, relatively large.

Sina: a lot of college students after graduation is faced with many opportunities, because Internet sites have a lot of experience, many large Internet Co will find you, why do you want to master this road


Cheng Feng: this should be a personal character, and a determination not to give up.

sina science and technology: in recent years, we feel that the personal attention of the webmaster is not a few years ago, where do you think the reason?

Cheng Feng: I do not agree with this statement because I think you, as a webmaster, his occupation is a first self a confirmation, then I feel like actually held such a meeting, it is a support to the webmaster. In fact, every time we like the forum, a lot of webmaster in the above exchange to see the masses is a force.

Sina: if the web site development or face a bottleneck in


Cheng Feng: it is the bottleneck of the cost, because the early words do not have too much profit, is not too much money to run this is a problem in this regard.

sina science and technology: how do we gain of Chinese computer forum now? What income source is there?

Cheng Feng: income is mainly the work of advertising, Alibaba these ads, and some software is mainly to promote advertising, such as promoting a software download, others, see the downloads advertising revenue is also good. And then there are some people talking about some of the advertising, direct advertising is some advertising, in this regard.

sina science and technology: at present you just say these ads because of the operation of the operation?

Cheng Feng: ok.


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