Secret capital network police team an average of 29 years old with a high degree of overtime almost

reporter Fan Lingzhi

the first batch of 50 provinces and municipalities public security organs as a unified network police patrol law enforcement, micro-blog, WeChat and Baidu Post Bar account on the 1 line. According to the Ministry of public security, this is an online public inspection enforcement efforts to carry out a comprehensive improvement on the Internet to see the police rate initiatives. China network police also from behind the scenes to the front desk". So, as a new force developed in recent years, the police in the end is a kind of team? They work is what kind of state? "The police to uncover the mysterious veil", "Global Times" reporter recently went to Beijing City Public Security Bureau network security corps "police patrol law enforcement team, personally the police daily work experience.

average of 29 years old with a high degree of young army


is located in a small alley, sharing an office area with other brothers department. If not the reception staff guidance, reporters thought the wrong place. The basic building renovation, the cement ground with white wall is very simple. Into an area of less than 10 square meters of office, the reporter found that the vast majority of the area is occupied by the office of the table to fight the table of 4. On the side of the wall on the big screen shows the capital network police official micro-blog home page, a young woman is focused on the police network is staring at the computer screen. This is the micro-blog group, a staff member told reporters, the girl is a very well-known official micro network police Xiao yue".

small Yue in a branch to work two years later was selected into the police team. The police force in the young people like her majority, team leader high officer told the "Global Times" reporter, "capital police patrol law enforcement team a total of more than and 50 people, the average age of only 29 years old, are 80, 90, and are highly educated. "Network security corps is a young police, our team is young team network security."

according to police reports, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps was founded in February 2011, the existing police nearly 1000 people, average age is 32.6 years old, bachelor degree or above accounted for 96%, young, highly educated is the team’s most notable features. Beijing is not only the capital, or "net", according to the China Internet development statistics report, as of the end of December 2014, Beijing City, the scale of Internet users has reached 15 million 930 thousand people, thousands of police team can not fully meet the needs of social capital network security tasks.

sends warning illegal release

network space information is massive, complex, the network police work of the fine division of labor put forward higher requirements. In this team, for example, is divided into network police duty, warning, inspection and other positions. "We have been exploring the innovation of the new network management model under the new environment," capital net police "online warning law enforcement is one of the very representative of a working model." High police officer said.

"for the online release of illegal information personnel, we will take different forms to deal with according to different situations, Gao told the Global Times reporter,"

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