Webmaster news Shenzhen Hualuo technology since March 2nd will stop the DC service

at around 22 p.m. on March 1st, in the open source plug-in website long exchange QQ group appeared in some of the webmaster website at the same time can not visit the strange phenomenon. After a preliminary investigation found that these owners are using Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. IDC services.

According to

IDC insiders revealed that Shenzhen Hualuo technology has announced in March 2nd 0 to stop all IDC services. We then came to Shenzhen, China Science and technology of the official website, in the right side of the site’s home page to see an emergency announcement, open the consequences really found as

the following announcement.


the company’s official website to hang out emergency notice screenshot (open-source network plan)

It seems that

, Shenzhen science and technology in China since March 2nd to stop the news IDC service has been confirmed. It is reported that Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2006, providing a variety of IDC related services, business involves a wide range of. From the official website of the Ministry of industry and information technology on the inquiry that the Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a certified access provider, that is, IP reporting company. Specific query results as shown below:


generally, after the Ministry of certified access providers in the IDC industry are a certain size, more powerful companies. The sudden stop of the service event in the circle of a warm discussion in the webmaster, many webmaster exchange group to see everyone in the discussion. Many webmaster speculation may be the cause of the incident and the Ministry recently formulated and issued "further implement the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" the relevant. According to media reports, the notice of registration and verification involves trial program clearly stipulates that the individual is qualified sponsor website; at the same time, the website for the record will need to be responsible for submission of color full faced photo.

"may be IDC providers can not afford too much of this kind of no economic management." At the end of the discussion, a webmaster seemed to make a simple summary of the whole discussion.

source from the open source plug-in network: http://s.17cha8.cn/bencandy.php? Fid-3-id-7570-page-1.htm

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