How small and medium sized enterprises break through the network marketing strategy


for the network marketing, the author carried out a long-term thinking, access to numerous data, tracking some of the cases occurred at the same time, the industry, the level of practice and not a trader for some products and on the website, we adopt relatively convenient and flexible operation, network marketing methods have a certain grasp, and for all kinds of network marketing tools with the technique of investment products than the index evaluation.

          first, the new application of classic marketing

          whether the traditional marketing, or new business, some of the basic theory, tools or devices tend to be generic, such as topic marketing, event marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, one-to-one marketing, database marketing, played a key role in the new marketing system and case and even play the role as the core point.

      two, relying on the Internet marketing.

          Internet since entering the Chinese development today, the form of network marketing, relying on the tools and delivery paths have changed, but any kind of application are still in use, from the brand advertising, the most basic external links, network advertising, development relying on the third party e-commerce platform to expand product sales and thick product thrives search engine marketing, and for many enterprises already know and use very low cost e-mail marketing, and has not yet been the universal application of the classified information platform, electronic magazine marketing, blog marketing, network marketing, community marketing tools and wireless. More and more abundant species, marketing channel and diversification.

          search engine marketing: according to CNNIC 2007 "China search engine Market Research Report" shows that 44.71% of Internet users often use (several times a day) using a search engine, search engine users accounted for 17.2% per day, that use search engines daily number of users up to 61.91% that means that more than half of Internet users began to rely on the use of the search engine. Based on this user base and composition, search engine marketing has become an important marketing tool.

          mainly include: Baidu, YAHOO, GOOGLE, login, search, Sogou Ask search engines such as Sina and YAHOO, Sohu catalogue, catalogue classification catalog catalog website, as well as by keyword analysis, search engine ranking optimization and maintenance, search results of search engine optimization and marketing services a page bidding and other forms of marketing position.