Stroke guest Theory how to play the forum marketing to the extreme

in the network marketing, forum marketing is a homely food, network marketing staff almost every day to do. There is only one reason, that is the effect of the forum marketing amazing. Of course, the effect of SEO is also very good. However, SEO is no longer as brave as then, we have to develop a comprehensive network marketing.


forum marketing we should have done. However, the effect of how to do only their own psychological clear. In this article, Shao Lianhu will talk about their views on the marketing of the forum. To sum up their experience in the past few years free of charge to share with you. Also hope that we can get a little inspiration, at least not to lose confidence in the network marketing, as long as adhere to, everything will be promising.

Shao Lianhu in 2010 when he began to contact the network, and love can not extricate themselves, not the death of the research network, but his injury is very deep. Although this, but never give up. At that time, I was mainly in the forum issued a post, BBS signature, message, etc.. Previously mainly rely on marketing software. However, in recent years, marketing software is not good to use. We also have the labor force.

at the beginning of 2013, I and the teacher to learn the SEO, but also the real contact forum marketing. At that time we are mainly doing the chain, looking for some to do the signature of the forum, can not bring the signature of the forum we do not. Because we intend to return a post, do the chain. Not really to promote products or services. Of course, there are hundreds of signatures on the hand can be signed with the.

natural Baidu began to fight SEO, the effect of the forum signature is getting worse, it is better not to do, and finally I gave up the marketing forum. SEO is no longer a myth. However, life has to be. SEO no, I just have to find a new way of marketing. Because I am the website construction and toys wholesale. I took a fancy to the classified information network. Like people, 58, traffic is very good, but also can take the chain. I have nearly a hundred classified information network platform, but found that other sites feel no one, because I did not know. So, I don’t do any other classified information platform. It’s a waste of time.

classified information platform on this site every day, do not know where to send information, and sometimes really feel the network marketing road to the extreme, do not know how to do. I was worried for a long time, thinking about how to do all day. Soft marketing, it does not want to write their own lazy, do not want to catch it, video bar, do not want to get. Do not feel the yellow pages and what effect. I don’t know how long it will take. Later, I looked at these forum resources I want to seed, why not make good use of it. Because I put these forums are posted to advertise my toys, there are strange business information, I will send some information on the construction site.

this is a hundred Forums

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