More than and 300 malicious bad review division board blacklist Tmall part of the business was black


refers to the part of the business was "fishing" blackmail

yesterday, Tmall announced the online shopping mall, there is evidence that some Tmall businesses suffered phishing fraud "organized" for example, some online malicious bad teachers use trading rules loopholes in cash compensation form coerce the seller, in exchange for the revocation of complaints. (micro-blog) has been delineated yesterday also announced a more than and 300 man malicious bad teachers focus on the object list.

text / reporter Xue Song

Washington said Tmall mall, roughly means of blackmail, malicious people set up a variety of premise, all sorts of excuses, induce the seller to make "do not provide invoices" statements, then screenshots complaints, Tmall to be involved in the investigation, malicious people through other channels of communication and business negotiation, in cash compensation form coerce the seller, in exchange for withdraw the complaint. Because once the complaint was established, businesses will be deducted 6 points penalty, some businesses on the choice to "give money".

Tmall official said, there is evidence that it is organized "fishing" blackmail behavior. This is a kind of extortion, has been suspected of illegal. Businesses can keep each other’s money to ask for a chat record, telephone recording, especially remittance records, report to the police. At the same time, businesses must comply with the rules, do not give each other the opportunity."

also announced yesterday has delineated a more than and 300 person malicious bad teachers focus on the object list, both for the gang and frequent crime of malicious bad teacher, some of them even hired by competitors.

legal expert:

criminal penalties for criminals

analysts say the "fishing" type of fraud, so that normal operation order is disturbed and online threats, it has become a serious social problem of network and credit management.

, head of Chinese Consumer Association lawyers Beijing Huijia law office lawyer Qiu Baochang said, according to the relevant judicial interpretations, such as malicious behavior to blackmail and impose exactions on purpose, public security and judicial organs for criminal penalties for these criminals. He suggested: if there is a malicious seller suffered extortion, you can report a number of people together to bring extortion to justice."


for this policy says, if the use of business management defects, with the purpose of organized malicious blackmail, "fishing" for malicious behavior caused by the illegal business, Tmall will cancel the punishment after verification. Avoid businesses suffer loss and interference, at the same time, Tmall will be as much as possible to reduce the cost of business burden and requirements thus, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the order of operation platform.

but Tmall also stressed that for non malicious consumer invoices and other reasonable needs, businesses must give support, once the violation will be punished in accordance with the rules of Tmall.



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