Top textile industry network China Textile Network to join the Wei Library Alliance

the latest news, the day before, Chinese most influential textile professional website "China Textile Network officially joined the wecoo entire e-commerce alliance. It is understood that the China Textile Network has 300000 members, more than 10 million monthly visitors, more than 5000 textile companies active in the platform. The site to join Wei library alliance to further strengthen the industry’s vertical integration capabilities and resources integration, designed to create a more favorable e-commerce environment for smes.

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, China’s full e-commerce service alliance is under the guidance of the China E-Commerce Association, the industry and local gateway launched by Wei library alliance. At present has attracted China including trade network, private enterprises in Zhejiang, the national garment network, China building materials procurement network, nearly two hundred well-known industry websites to actively join coverage areas involved in the B2B platform, mechanical equipment, electrical and mechanical hardware, clothing textiles, energy saving and environmental protection, agriculture, electrical, chemical, plastic, electronic security the 60 main industry level.


, China leadership Electronic Commerce Association believes that the establishment of the alliance to implement the "some opinions" the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of electronic commerce, the implementation of the national "electronic commerce" 11th Five-Year "plan", "12th Five-Year" and will promote the China enterprises especially the scientific development of e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises during the. At the same time, Wei bank president Yang Zhixiong also said that the "alliance" will be based on open, sharing, integrity "principle, continue to promote e-commerce construction, work together to create a good environment for the development of the industry, and provide internal management, inter enterprise business collaboration, e-commerce and mobile commerce one-stop full service platform and solutions for the enterprise.

industry experts believe that the establishment of Wei Library Alliance for the future development of the domestic industry website has brought new ideas and opportunities. At present, the number of China’s B2B business web site up to nearly 6000, but most of the industry as a result of the industry segments too, it is difficult to achieve integration of resources in the industry chain to form a scale effect, stagnant. The establishment of the alliance, making the site in the future to achieve resources, customers, information sharing has become possible, and on this basis, to carry out differentiated management, operating characteristics, so as to obtain new development momentum.

for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, the establishment of the alliance has become the great library "E a tremendous" backbone network marketing service. It is reported that Wei library "E name amazing" can be small and medium enterprises to buy "E" the words put into the alliance related industry website search results page the optimal position "E" of the annual purchase cost only one hundred yuan or thousand yuan can, with ultra low input, infinite returns the ultimate value of marketing. It can be predicted that the China Textile Network to join, will bring more cost-effective marketing for the textile industry and the surrounding areas of smes.

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wecoo E-Commerce Technology Co. Ltd. is the core enterprise of the Asia Pacific region’s largest management software vendors UF group, by the UF mobile commerce technology limited.

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