The voice of the legislation of electronic commerce gradually approaching the national level essay

May 27th, the Ministry of Commerce on the "online transaction management approach draft" (hereinafter referred to as the draft) drafting a special work meeting. According to the "measures" of the draft, the working group members, director of policy and Law Committee China Electronic Commerce Association, vice president of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology School of management professor Yang Jianzheng said, "the draft has been basically formed but not released to the outside world. Commissioned by the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce drafted the online data protection measures have begun to seek advice from the outside world.

is currently Chinese electronic commerce legislation, although the national level has not yet on the legislation of electronic commerce to start substantive work, but various ministries and provinces to regulate the development of electronic commerce work has been launched.

but because of the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce legal issues encountered constantly emerge in the development process of online transactions, although the great achievements made in the Chinese legal environment of electronic commerce policy, but compared with the developed countries, due to the limitations of the traditional legal constraints, and the lack of policy innovation of the necessary legal norms the formulation of policies and regulations, lagging behind, e-commerce system of policies and regulations exist blank more.

e-commerce legislation into enterprise development requirements

due to the lack of a real sense of "electronic commerce", scattered in between the authorities regulations lacking cooperation and coordination, lack of stability, is becoming a major obstacles in the development of e-commerce enterprises.

May 2009, "Chinese business" focus on e-commerce legislation topic, combined with the number 100 Market Research Company of electronic commerce should be the core content including the legislation and the role of e-commerce, the future development prospects and existing problems, launched a nationwide investigation.


survey by random sampling network survey, two days a total recovery of 1074 valid samples, which accounted for 49.7% of men, women accounted for 50.3%; geographical distribution: a city accounted for 29.6%, two city 27.2%, three or four city level 39.1%, accounting for 4.1% of the other. The survey of the population distribution and CINNIC (Internet Association) released the report population distribution is quite similar, the crowd structure and the same crowd of Internet users, sampling error of less than 8%.

survey shows that: 85.1% of people think that should be legislation; a few people think that it is too early and should not legislate". Among them, the two cities are higher than the first tier cities, respectively, 86.3% and 85.5%.

"this basically reflects the current public and Internet users on the reality of China’s e-commerce legislation." Yang Jian Zheng said.

it is understood that Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hongkong and other places have been legislation to regulate e-commerce. Shanghai from March 1, 2009 onwards, the implementation of the "Shanghai to promote the development of e-commerce regulations," which defines the legal status of e-commerce enterprises, while their rights and

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