Tmall coaching behind Taobao or no longer willing donors

[Abstract] the Tmall Alibaba in Huanshuai, perhaps for their own flow system analysis and integration further.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on March 13th

the afternoon of March 12th, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun (micro-blog) and Tmall for "Ma Yun privately referred to the" Ma Yun "change Sunday quietly to Tmall inspection, found no overtime, then the president of Tmall dismissed" issued a rumor, said over the weekend and no class is too normal, not willful management of enterprises.

behind the four rumors, is outside of the only lasted for one year of the Tmall era came to an abrupt end I confused.

the evening of March 6th, the Alibaba group issued a notice: "internal personnel appointment and removal by the group decided to appoint Zhang Jianfeng (total line epilepsy) as the person in charge of Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan business, to COO Zhang Yong (happy child). At the same time removed Wang Yulei (Qiao Feng) Tmall CEO positions." Notice also mentioned, we look forward to the new team in the support of everyone to achieve universal Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan’s territory."

note that in the announcement of the Alibaba Wang Yulei word is "free", and at this time from as president of Tmall just over the past year.

Wang Yulei

more attention to brand promotion, pay attention to slow. And its successor Zhang Jianfeng is radical, insiders called little Ma, according to people close to the introduction of Zhang Jianfeng, who likes to do marketing activities, all to the data, the elimination mechanism.

and behind the choice of Wang Yulei, may mean that Taobao will change over the past few years, the role of blood transfusion.

accident frequent

before the listing, the Alibaba made a series of dazzling acquisitions, completed the same as in the field of Internet web layout. But in the capital market, Tmall is still one of the top priorities.

This is because

let Ali started Taobao contribution flows, Juhuasuan with vitality, but frequent hidden and "fake" Taobao compared, Tmall is in the business of the Alibaba sector provides the most important credibility. In the outside world, Tmall listed on Alibaba in 2014.

but in 2014, Tmall has a series of two accidents, are related to the rules.

is a hammer mobile phone "brush" incident, the official admitted that Ali internal communications, mobile phone hammer on the original data of Tmall Electric City pre-sale system is indeed artificially changed, at that time Wang Yulei was punished; another is the last "double eleven" Tmall to suspend cooperation with Tesla, said at the time because of violation of the Tesla PDI the rule was the headquarters of the United States, Tesla halted.

about the latest Tmall dispute from Tmall platform and business administration because of problems caused by the fake "chunqiangshezhan". Although the incident came from the end of the case and the industrial and commercial administration of Ma mediation, but in

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