Taobao mall festival or restart to sell drugs online shopping transaction drugs facing reshuffle


changed its name to Tmall mall Taobao may restart after the Spring Festival to sell drug transactions, which is Taobao mall vice president Chen Jun revealed at the end of last year, the annual meeting of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier. Taobao mall Medicine Museum in 2011 to test the water after the setback, this year will be making a comeback, this also means that the future of pharmaceutical companies in addition to expand its B2C platform for the sale of drugs, will also have large shopping platform and cooperative user influence, online shopping pattern drug facing reshuffle.

was banned for 4 months after

Taobao Medical Museum cited concern

actually, when in June last year, Taobao mall officially launched on the medical museum shows good potential, five pharmacies in Shanghai after Meida pharmacy, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmacy, Jiangxi happy people pharmacy and Yunnan Baiyao pharmacy settled Taobao mall, the medicine shop selling goods category is extended to non prescription drugs medical equipment, health supplies, etc..

in the Medical Center for more than half a month after the trial operation, the daily sales of basic can reach 150 thousand, and this is in our stores and Taobao did not do any publicity on the premise."

happy online pharmacy general manager of the history of the park is still a good start to talk about. But good times don’t last long. After 18 days of operation, the Taobao medical center that is qualified to be registered in Zhejiang province food and drug regulatory authorities to investigate. State Food and Drug Administration subsequently said that Taobao did not get qualified online selling drugs, peddling illegal drugs.

Taobao Medical Museum in the end is not illegal, pharmaceutical and electricity supplier marriage can continue to become a focus of controversy.

however, 4 months later, Chen Jun issued the invitation for pharmaceutical enterprises and people familiar with such accidents do not occur, Taobao may be in the medical museum after the Spring Festival, on-line news, has revealed the Taobao mall Medicine Museum New vitality.

pharmaceutical industry optimistic about Taobao trading platform

but Taobao mall itself on the medical center to restart the performance of a very cautious, low-key.

Taobao mall public relations official Yan Qiao said in an interview, Taobao Medical Museum is a new area of business, "to be quite full, can this business field out of business."

is under the Taobao value of medical care service hall, this happy person online pharmacy director of the history of Wenlu heart, "Taobao mall itself needs more competitive business in the future development, especially the competitive commodity category of business. The Taobao mall in their definition of the lack of medicine this commodity, from a commercial point of view, there is no doubt that the pharmaceutical Taobao mall commodity category is a supplement."

Taobao drug sales or will affect the pattern of drug purchase online

and medicine

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