Brother Wang Luan share liquor electricity supplier combat dry cargo the speed of the crowd

Hello, I am Wang Luan, this is the two day of the media to sell liquor liquor selling millions of brother. These two days, whether it is QQ, WeChat, or micro-blog, will always encounter a wonderful blossoming, imperative that I can send what wine sell millions of shops and sell to them, I just want to ask you, who is your father? Can you tell me a must to you see the reason? I said if not small to give me out, I really want to like before quietly doing my own thing, since I converted to Buddhism, pay attention to sell liquor is not undisturbed, I have practice, in accordance with the Buddhist precepts, I can not sell liquor, just because a time not only may let go of IT industry, so they are still selling liquor. But now I seldom drink, meat has quit from this, since not eat any meat directly, I hope everyone less kill, less evil.

since you want to know my methods, and listen to me to say anything, I’m just a doer, not a theorist, so don’t say you love, but practical! Deviate from them, no matter what you speak, master, how is no leather conversion rate, reach the acme of perfection, is a culture rogue. Remember to do network marketing, from "the merchant’s Curse" in the word "has never been a businessman looking for business, but for business businessman, network marketing well, is this effect, I would not like to engage in pyramid schemes as one day what you say, I ask how famous, how can make a lot of money how, promising products how good…… But I would like a hand like a behind the scenes manipulator, looking at you is how I hit up then…… Then there is no then, then You’ll see. I tell you, this is not possible? See the spider in the animal world, since they engage in the Internet, to engage in electricity providers, take a look at the structure and spider net. It is not very good analogy, SEO, SEM


I think of myself as a spider, I analyzed the direction of the wind, geography and climate…… Then weave a net, then I would like Enron sleep, waiting for prey to bump up himself, this is obviously not a passive attitude, then you can feast…… Eat, to make webs or repair, go to bed. This is an analogy to the network marketing can be achieved, the so-called wind day geography, climate, like keyword mining, data analysis, the long tail, then some of the biggest selling point of product planning and product……

as the platform, has its own independent mall + Ali + Tmall + Taobao + pat + Jingdong + other (WeChat public platform)…… +CRM+ from the media, the chaos of small businesses or individuals can not do that minus the input into the big point to do it slowly: own site + Taobao + pat +CRM+ from the media, why do it?

‘s own website or independent store is to integrate other platforms to facilitate customers have inherent customer groups, other platforms due to the huge flow, in order to get the transformation, in order to survive, its own website can flow into SEO >

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