WAL MART was Amazon crazy Ali and

WAL-MART has already played inextricably involved with amazon. The global sale of giant electricity supplier did not wait to snatch its consumers, but the sales network identified as their development priorities. Wall Street analyst Shirley · Bhanja wrote in a research report: "unlike his predecessors, WAL-MART CEO Dong Minglun to take the initiative to embrace e-commerce. Due to the acceptance of e-commerce, WAL-MART has undergone a radical change. In the field of e-commerce, WAL-MART has been suffering from a wide range of Amazon product lineup and pricing model hurt." In order to expand e-commerce business, WAL-MART has been in the acquisition of online search technology and build storage base.

in addition to competing with the Amazon online, WAL-MART also took the line surrounded by the offensive strategy. According to overseas media reports, WAL-MART and Amazon and other competitors against the project, as long as customers to competitors promotional leaflets to price to the store shopping, if the price of competitors than the single page publicity price high, WAL-MART will take the initiative to cut prices.

black Friday (November 28th) and network Monday (December 1st) coming. Last year, WAL-MART store has a Chinese people familiar scene: many consumers see, touch, taste, and then wait until Friday and Monday on the same day in the electricity supplier website to buy, because the electricity supplier’s price will be much lower. WAL-MART is finally crazy. In the upcoming black Friday and Monday, WAL-MART, the United States across the board will be glued to the Amazon Product prices, what price Amazon, WAL-MART what price.

as a large warehouse retail, WAL-MART’s operating costs are higher than Amazon, which self + Express mode after ten years of operation has been quite mature. WAL-MART’s move was interpreted as being forced by the amazon".

in fact, WAL-MART is not only worried about Amazon, as well as ali. Because Ali record IPO funds raised not to the home, billions of dollars will be at the overseas market, WAL-MART can not along the array for


this year "double eleven" Ali’s Tmall international, Taobao overseas, aliexpress first entered the war, to electronic business platform, logistics platform, cloud computing, big data ecosystem globalization as the core of the preliminary exercises.

in the third quarter of 2014, Ali revenue from overseas markets reached $1 billion 80 million, an increase of 37.5%, but the proportion of total revenue from the same period last year, down to 10.7% this year, up to 9.6%. Although this year is the first year of globalization of Ali, the capital has made considerable progress, the business is dragging the hind legs.

foreign media analysis, one of the priorities of Ali’s business is the U.S. market. To occupy the foot there, you must turn over the Amazon, WAL-MART two mountains. 2013, revenues were $61 billion 100 million and $469 billion 200 million, fertile Ma said net profit of $17 billion. The face of the enemy, fighting away, Ali can open the new world, people will wait and see.

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