How to store and how to improve the conversion rate

Internet era has always been the flow of the king, the timely conversion rate in the first shop, as long as the traffic is large enough, its sales will not be too low. But that was before, now a lot of people say that traffic is dead, is a fan of the economy. We have to admit that, now a fan of economic power is so strong, but now that the traffic is dead, I think it is too early.


why do you say that?

is very simple, ask a question, how do you go to gather a group of fans, you have the goods, with the media platform… How to gather fans, it is not necessary to promote through drainage. So, I think it should be accurate, accurate traffic is king. Our requirement to flow is no longer a large amount as the standard, but to be precise, be loyal, therefore, it can be said that the fans that we have now accurate and faithful flow, we have extended from simple rose to a marketing point, this is a kind of progress.

so how to attract accurate traffic?


, we do the promotion of the way is very simple, pay is Ali platform, bidding, free is the optimization. And now, the competition is getting bigger and bigger, resulting in higher costs, resulting in the payment platform does not dare to do optimization, do not go up, this should be the case, the arrival of the fans economy.

in order to attract accurate traffic, I personally think it can be done on two points, that is, to understand the optimization of the copy + operation (I did not expect a good name, first of all, there will be examples below).

first talk about the first point – to understand the optimization of the copy. No matter what we do now from the media or new media worth mentioning, can not always leave the copy, but the general copy is not enough, we need to understand a copy of the optimization. Why, because we are ordinary copy, write soft Wen is very good. But there is a point, after such an excellent article released, the flow comes from where it is obvious that the flow from the platform itself.


blog. We publish a blog, the blog can be seen under normal circumstances is the one who has itself play blog, but how are we going to let people see our blog after the soft, don’t want to do promotion? This is not idiot!

so how to do it is very simple, the use of the advantages of the platform itself, combined with the optimization of the means to maximize the blog show rate, which is what we often say that the role of bigger.

in an example: WeChat public platform. I believe that many people are now doing, everyone is how to write the article, have not considered optimal? Is not so! How is everybody doing? Finish the article, then forward, or brush, paste the two-dimensional code everywhere promotion, etc.. Yes, I

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