Put off the fake beauty Garment Association called for the arila into the notorious markets list

Abstract: Unfortunately, despite a lot of money and resources in the crackdown, but Ali taken platform business model, market demand, and selling the chain of interests and other factors, the effect of Ali fake in the short term is not obvious.



] was a fake titanium media alliance pull the black, was named the State Administration for Industry and commerce, "notorious markets list, often the Alibaba seem to be difficult to get rid of fake fake distress.

days ago, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) called for the office of the U.S. trade representative, to the Alibaba and the company’s Taobao platform included in the "notorious markets list.

AAFA chairman and CEO Rick helfen Bain said in early 2012 have the opportunity to "Alibaba, the U.S. trade representative’s office a few years ago will be removed from the list of Alibaba, the premise is the need to meet the specific requirements of the company in the future. These requirements are not met, leading to the United States consumers and our members have paid the price."

(notorious market) notorious markets list by the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) released, mainly for the existence of the infringement, piracy and counterfeit fraud in the industry or market on the internet.


Office of the US trade representative office in 2011 will be more than and 30 of the global Internet and the physical market in the sale of counterfeit and pirated products, "notorious markets list. Access to the list of Chinese companies include: Baidu, Alibaba, 91 mobile portals, Zhejiang, Yiwu commodity market. However, due to Taobao actively communicate and cooperate with the right person, will soon be removed from the list.


, head of the Alibaba fake supremacy did not disperse, but with the 2014 to the Alibaba listed on the NYSE, and open the market situation in the international scope, fake increasingly sharp contradiction.

in May last year, the French luxury Open Cloud group had filed a lawsuit to the Alibaba, said Ali’s aliexpress trading platform for selling counterfeit goods businesses knowingly, and in the year of the eleven before the foreign media have pointed out that Ali is the world’s largest fake paradise, American clothing and footwear industry chairman Zhu, Nita · Duggan is signed in an open letter to Ma said, despite years of selling, but has not yet made any meaningful results.

for fakes, Ma and Ali aspects of attitude was tough. In November 2014, Ma Yunceng has set the tone: do business must first altruism, say we fake, certainly not in Taobao bought anything. In union membership was suspended after the crackdown, President Ali also shouted: fake in our platform, also occurs in other global business platform.

, however, due to the earnings data in the mouth of the war to the landslide (see the titanium media article ALI) mouth

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