Valentine’s day note a domain name to write a love letter to his girlfriend

love the owner: 26 year old Mr. Zhang

declaration of love: I want to write a love letter in the world of our own, to write a confession of love to her!

what’s on Valentine’s day today?

rose a bit old-fashioned, slightly tacky jewelry…… The 26 year old Mr. Zhang, who works in Shenyang, "wants to break his head," and finally found a special gift – "buy her a website to write a love letter!"

Zhang entered buy personality domain, a pink background page to greet reporters eyes.

below the "eternal moment" 5 characters, two sweet couple photos, beside the still attached to a letter — "see you at the moment, only to find the affair has never been watered down by the time, memories will stay permanently, without the slightest change……"

for this tailor-made gift, Mr. Zhang said, he must give his girlfriend on Valentine’s day, "this is only our feelings of the witness, I want to write a love letter to our world, confession of love to her to write

!"Shenyang City, a street of

for Zhang made web company official said: "there are more than and 300 people to register the domain name business couples this year Tinghuo!" to make a website like Mr Zhang, would cost hundreds of dollars.

he said, this top-level domain is a very fashionable, very avant-garde Valentine, "the domain name can also point to your blog, you can upload photos to the Internet, next year’s Valentine’s day, also in the above" for "


for Valentine’s day the personal consumer sentiment, Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhang Sining said that Valentine’s Day is an exotic holiday, many people follow the holidays, more through the day to express feelings, like website, domain name registration couples emerging Valentine’s Day gift, is actually more personalized expression of romantic feelings the way.

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