Big Taobao plans small Taobao strategy should follow the pace of personal owners Ma

heard that April 6th Taobao announced the Taobao plan, in a nutshell, docking technology and small stations in small sites directly above Taobao and read data directly to complete the transaction process, so that all stations are included in the plans and become independent small Taobao plan intends to start from the phpwind program, oh, with phpwind webmaster blessed.

Taobao launched Taobao plan, Taobao strategy is undoubtedly the domestic C2C industry a heavy bomb, from the screen door event to the renamed Taobao customers, to Amoy arena beta, now and then to the Taobao plan, we can see very clearly that Ma Yun will use the most incisive small owners. At the same time indeed to small owners to create numerous business opportunities, this win-win or win-win pattern is also the philosophy of Ma Yun, is precisely to meet the personal needs of entrepreneurs.

At the beginning of the Taobao

shop 06 years ago to the seller, if you persist to the present, at least is the crown level, the monthly income of not less than 5 digits; 08 years to do guest webmaster, now have a small score; then 09 years? I think personal webmaster friends should follow the footsteps of Ma Yun. The first batch is added to the Taobao plan, go gold, just stick to it, the veteran will have a very good good.

added: I have always believed that, for the individual station, C2C is much better than the surrounding advertising alliance.

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