To apply for the vw de domain name Volkswagen sued the domain management center

you have visited the public official website You can link to the public China, can be linked to the mass of North America, can be linked to the public in Holland and so on. However, in the public’s home country of Germany, to the public can login website is not so simple. You want to enter the full name of to sign. The public also found this is not a convenient place. But Germany has the relevant provisions, the domain name is equal to or less than two letters not be registered. So this problem also plagued by the public for a long time.


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recently, the public will be the German domain name management center to court, requiring the use of domain name. The state Supreme Court has also ruled that it supports the popular saying that is registered as a special case to the public company. It is fantastic, the relevant reasons the state court is described: the use of long before the domain name caused by its rivals of unfair competition, which is BMW’s rival. (BMW’s domain name is

because the domain name management center can continue to appeal, so the decision has not yet entered into force. However, it is speculated that even if the domain name management center continues to appeal, they won the probability is not large, because the public view has been supported by many users. (text / love card network)

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