Ali micro spy business Amoy shop WeChat can pry the door


billion state power Alibaba in the wireless terminal launched a strategic tool to "sellers shop", the seller through mobile phone Taobao landing can easily achieve the goods, delivery and store management and other functions. Billion state power network Xiaobian fire (BA) eye (Gua) gold (Xin) eye (TAI) found in function and form, micro shop APP shop and Ali’s pocket shopping has a subtle, Ma Yunzhen will start taking micro shop? Ali can share to my circle of friends to solve? Each kind of question, Xiao Bian took the realistic occupation accomplishment will two software were compared, the 818 "Amoy shop".

1 shop applications need to be identified through the two layer

billion state power network Xiaobian hold heart (I was the owner of Taobao) small excited to begin registration, surprised to find that the shop actually need to shop for Ali and Taobao through the real name authentication authentication. If the landing Taobao account has been through the real name authentication, it is also necessary to submit information related to the identification of the card, the shop can be opened before the audit. The micro shop just need to provide mobile phone number can be set up after the registration, but when the seller needs to sell the amount of the product to the present, but also the need for authentication.

(pictured: Ali shop store authentication mode)

2 mobile phone scan code to take a stop on the goods, delivery

after a long day of audit, small series of shops can finally open. In the end I think seriously about what you can sell, billion state power network Xiaobian found Ali shop and micro shop can be achieved online by a mobile phone camera to upload products. The difference is due to the Alibaba (ALI shop on the importance of the good dad) product code library, you can scan the code on the business and delivery of goods, only need to scan the barcode can be automatically upload commodity information and fast matching related categories. Compared to the micro shop simple product description, Ali shop more and more detailed rules to upload products.

(pictured: Ali shop and micro shop add product page comparison)

3 shelves of goods category need to pay the deposit

small selected choice after the release of product again found shelves of goods required to pay the deposit category. Shelves goods do not need to submit a deposit margin, but toys, cosmetics category are required to pay margin on the line (to sell the mask of micro business pots friends are estimated to be sad). At least 1000 yuan to pay the deposit, after the freeze in the seller’s Alipay account, there is no upper limit margin. The micro shop can be directly on the product does not require any margin.

(pictured: Ali small margin pages)

4 store information can not be shared to WeChat and other platforms


heard Ali small shop official said the store share to WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking platform promotion, the heart is very happy, Murphy and WeChat to shake hands, but together towards a better future? "

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