Tencent electricity supplier WeChat pat Network QQ network to buy boutique mall

May 7th news, it is reported that Tencent electricity supplier WeChat public account yesterday officially changed its name to pat network".

Tencent electricity supplier WeChat renamed pat Network

Tencent electricity supplier WeChat account previously known as the electricity supplier of those things, will be released on a number of Tencent’s largest electricity supplier platform, including easy fast, QQ online shopping and pat Network Official information.

Tencent capital Jingdong, QQ online shopping and pat Network as a subsidiary of Jingdong, was under the command of income. Fast and easy to maintain independent operation in the form of convertible.

changes in the organizational structure has also been extended to the formation of the team. It is said that Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi will leave the business. According to media reports, more than 80% of the ECC and easy fast employees are completed with the signing of Jingdong, while QQ online shopping businesses are also in transition to Jingdong POP smooth.

By contrast,

seems to have a lot of luck. There is not much news to confirm its future trend is merged or disappeared. However, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said after winning the Tencent investment, in addition to the proprietary platform for B2C and B2C, the Jingdong also hungry C2C business will enter through the pat Network, which can cover more user groups, providing tailored solutions for businesses.

The Tencent

electricity supplier WeChat account name, also seems to confirm the future pat Network as an independent carrier, to continue in the field of C2C plough, and ultimately build the industry’s most complete ecosystem electricity supplier.


pat Network stressed that the future will be through the public account of the first time released the latest news, pat Network and promotion policy and a series of related events and pat. To continue the exchange of information and information of the idle away in seeking pleasure in this platform, will also continue to answer questions from the media on this platform.

interesting is that QQ online shopping WeChat public account is currently operating independently, and can be directly related to the WeChat – my bank card – select goods entrance. According to the billion state power network to understand, the specials covered in the QQ online shopping, pat, easy fast business, and at the end of May will be open to a wide range of Jingdong POP and proprietary businesses.

QQ online shopping WeChat account opened up WeChat boutique mall

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