58 city suspected of buying into financial difficulties

yesterday, a netizen to Yu Bin broke the news, and the 58 cooperation group purchase a product, from the date of shipment has been more than two months, but still not the end section, during the period of the 58 group purchase staff with a variety of reasons to shirk, even the last information not back, see screenshots below:




(screenshot two)


(screenshot three)

is similar to the 58 group purchase this earlier in the 24 ticket website has been staged, in mid November last year, group purchase website 24 ticket of HuaiAn Railway Station traced absconded, more than and 10 business door for money, eventually the police intervention.

as everyone knows, the independent group purchase operating expenses, gross profit margin is very low, to ease the financial pressure to the merchant payment group purchase website have delayed the account, but the 58 group purchase 58 city funding, 58 city CEO in a variety of occasions that the money is not bad, but why would default merchant capital more than two months? Is it really as businessmen guess, 58 group purchase will close


according to the common sense, it is these payments should be promptly returned to the business, many businesses group purchase itself does not make money, if the arrears, the natural enthusiasm of the hit businesses. Because the main group purchase website money, take VC money, but as the industry becomes cold, VC is no longer with the vote, the 58 city listed within the foreseeable future, therefore only misappropriated money to maintain business operations, although there is a risk, but if you do not, I’m afraid 58 group purchase might soon die.

in the context of the recent Group buy site reshuffle, on the network does not buy time to make money to the merchant posts, reports on the Internet are common, some of which are well-known group buying site. For consumers, group purchase goods and services required to pay; for businesses, before the money in, may have to provide goods or services; and if the group purchase website centered "grab" consumer prepaid money, not knot to businesses, it is likely to affect business especially the liquidity of small businesses the. Therefore, the need to be careful to buy not only consumers, but also interested in buying groups of businesses.

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