Amazon held 20 anniversary of the activities of the discount intensity will be super black five

[Abstract] Amazon will continue to hold a series of celebrations for the 20 anniversary in July 16th.

Tencent science and technology news July 6th, Amazon’s Prime subscription members, this year’s Christmas discount season seems to come earlier than usual. In order to celebrate its 20 anniversary, Amazon decided to hold a global promotional campaign this month, "Prime Day", and claimed that the event will be greater than the discount on black Friday.

is reported that this event will be officially launched in the eastern United States on July 15th morning (Amazon is officially established 20 years ago in July 15th), and every 10 minutes will be updated to participate in the activities of the goods. However, this event is limited to the participants in the United States, Britain, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Australia in these areas of the Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon spokesman said the company has not yet this Prime Day as the future of fixed annual activity plan.

at the same time, Amazon will also hold a "PrimeLiving Photo Contest" photography competition. The game requires Amazon Prime members to upload some pictures about the privileges of Prime members, and each winner will receive a $10 thousand Amazon Gift card.

should be said that the "Prime Day" global purchase promotions is designed to attract more consumers to join the Amazon senior membership subscription plan of the latest initiatives.

Amazon Prime membership program was launched in 2005, the service is a registered member of the value-added shopping program, the annual fee system (annual fee of $99 / year). In this year’s service within the validity period, Amazon will provide unlimited amount, weight free two shipping (Two-day) delivery service.

up to now, the service in the United States has about 40 million users. But from "consumer intelligence research partner" (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) news, shopping, spending an average of Prime members to $1500 a year, while the average amount of consumption of ordinary users of the Amazon for $625.

need to point out that, in addition to the "Prime Day" and "PrimeLiving Photo Contest" photography competition, Amazon is also in the near future to vigorously promote their Prime Now delivery services.

Amazon Prime Now service was launched last Christmas in the Manhattan region, this service is only open to Prime members, they can choose a product after ordering

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