How to realize the network marketing through the website

"electronic commerce" and "marketing" is different from the traditional marketing mode of marketing, have attracted the attention of the enterprise operator, especially for some local color heavy industry, "network marketing" is the "target marketing widely", "low cost marketing", "reflect the comprehensive information and other features, will gradually replace the traditional sales model, has become the main marketing channel of the local economy.

but on the other hand, for most of the small and medium-sized enterprise operators, e-commerce and web marketing is just stay in a conceptual stage, they also know that through the Internet, can sell products through the website construction and website promotion, but in practice did not have their own planning and investment, it is not caused by pay enough attention to corporate executives. So as the enterprise, especially the sense of e-commerce is relatively weak in small and medium enterprises, what should be the way to achieve e-commerce and network sales?

first, business operators should strengthen the sense of website marketing and e-commerce.

most of the small and medium-sized enterprise managers to understand the "electronic commerce" remains in the "construction site" and "Internet enterprises", first as enterprise managers by understanding the concept of e-commerce, and website marketing theories and methods of learning and training system, and through the study of some website marketing success the business case, the enterprise website marketing of specific plans and investment plans.

two, the construction of marketing website

if the enterprise website marketing is a market war, then the enterprise website is the war front, the traditional enterprise website construction is often considered in the visual function, the more, the enterprise website is very fancy, of course, from the consideration of the corporate image of the erect angle, which has no ground for blame. But the enterprise website as an e-commerce marketing platform in website design we should put "potential customers" experience in the first place, the structure of the website is search engine love in the first place, as far as possible the website be easy to use, the customer care products information on striking the position, so that customers can enhance the customer experience. This requires enterprises in the selection of network companies must carefully inspect, to the network company (, now the network production company website is mostly only consider the art and visual effects, rarely consider the business marketing needs.

three, recruitment website marketing talent

any sales model should be thought of this, the construction of a corporate website is unable to achieve e-commerce, e-commerce sales professionals is one of the conditions of e-commerce enterprises, if necessary, to establish a e-commerce sales team. Enterprises in the recruitment of e-commerce talent should take full account of the talents of the network technology and sales skills, the two aspects of the ability and experience, understand the sales do not understand the network or even >

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