Entertainment and investment two do not miss Wang Sicong’s banana game completed A round of financin

last year, when Wang Sicong announced the banana project, many people just think of it as a new toy for the richest man’s son". A year later, more and more people began to look at the company in a more serious light.


banana program recently confirmed that the banana game completed a round of 150 million yuan A round of financing, the investor side of the IDG and the digital capital investment fund.

banana game was established in the second half of 2015, is an important part of the banana program. Banana plan for electronic game based on electronic games, although the company set up less than a year, but successfully held the 2015 League de Marcia Cup finals and awards ceremony, as well as the global historical highest 2016 LPL spring and spring season League finals, recently banana have open the independent brand "BEST series of events".

Wang Sicong has set up a luxury team for the company. CEO WE is currently the banana game club founder Pele, ACE alliance founder, have experience in electronic games market for more than fifteen years of cultivation, the world champion Sky, if a number of well-known occupation players wind and anchor.


core team included in the original South Korean director OGN Wei Rongguang, Li Xianggen, Yuan Shi team and Li Xuan, the team has the best ability for global large-scale activities, events and programs; it also includes the former chairman of the ACE alliance Li Jun, the former general manager of iResearch limitedied, vice president Cao Di, members of the panda TV.

Pei Yue said, starting from the second half of 2016, the game is expected to host the banana belongs to own brand competition and cooperation and the establishment of brand channel broadcast platform, launched its own R & D and production of VOD, live broadcast.

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