The three steps of network marketing are essential for every detail

compared to the traditional sales model, network marketing is a way to expand emerging markets. Because of its relatively low cost, but there are many successful cases, so widespread concern. But what is the concept of network marketing in the end, many people are yearning for unknown. Some people think that network marketing is a website; also some people think the essence of network marketing is to sell things on the Internet, or some is more straightforward to make money online. So many companies in the website is not perfect, in a hurry to promote, ineffective and hasty to give up; and some of the traditional enterprise restructuring electricity supplier of the road is not easy, but mostly failure. So it is difficult to issue a question, from the virtual world of Internet marketing in the end can not be trusted?

answer is no doubt, e-commerce network marketing is an effective complement to the enterprise marketing model, but also will evolve into the mainstream marketing model. "Now is not the electronic commerce, five years later, you will have no business can be, we won’t go to the bottom of this sentence in the end by Bill · Gates, or Ma under the guise of his name, but the network marketing is represent the general trend. An example of evidence, four or five years ago, we may not know how many people online shopping, but now? From Taobao to Jingdong, from household appliances to the basic necessities of life, online shopping is everywhere. But why some enterprises try network marketing, but frequently fail? Shanghai website construction company pilot technology believes that the lack of detail for many small and medium-sized enterprises lose at the starting line. Do not talk about e-commerce, network marketing is a systems engineering, the most basic of the three steps of every detail is related to success or failure.

first step: website construction is very important, analysis and planning of

in the construction of the site before the site is more important than the planning and construction of the building, which is a lot of small and medium enterprises in the construction site ignored. A company to do what kind of site, what kind of domain name, or how the layout of the web page layout, how to set the column, these nuances are not negligible. Now many companies do common practice is to find a few Internet companies or a few sets of programs, and then began to make about the price parity. To do so, the site will bring what kind of effect? In fact, as long as the site is aware of the network marketing is an integral part of the organic, perhaps it will not be so rude rough. The author believes that a more reasonable approach should be to do the construction site of the company and the company together, carefully analyze and browse group website localization, according to the needs of the site definition function and page design.

website construction is also very important, because the site is the implementation of the results of the early planning of network marketing, but also the carrier of the site’s marketing performance. For example, we put on the search engine advertising promotion, when the user clicks on the ad to the site after the natural transformation. If the website design suck, is also unable to retain users, not to mention the traffic into the late. Under the guidance of planning and website construction, the importance of website construction

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