Please do not hurry to promote community

although I am also a grassroots webmaster, but still really want to say to each webmaster friends: promotion community, please don’t worry.

my site has been registered for a long time, has been in use of free time to carefully build it last month, from the construction of the integral system, to optimize the forum interface, every step is done especially careful and hard, so have I now think that preliminary satisfactory effect.

the next step is to really seriously into the online and offline promotion. I think this, and many webmaster is different, many webmaster forum has just established, absolutely empty, or reproduced in a large number of articles and the forum is not a feasible system of all kinds, so even if a visitor, also just in a hurry, hurry to go……

I suggest you Adsense promotion, friends, please don’t worry, first do the infrastructure, this forum, when users visit, will be attracted to your professional and authority, to become your faithful member.

here simply introduce what I think of the steps of the Forum:

1 best to register a top-level domain (strong construction, if you want long-term development)

2 for their own forum to optimize the interface settings, not what kind of code and effect are added, after all, not every webmaster do is entertainment.

3 forum of a series of system construction, including the integration of the system, the membership rating system, management system, forum management system, etc..

4 rich content, early registration Ma3 jia3 or seek to relatives and friends for the initial accumulation of user forum.

5 all ready, OK, promotion!

then you will find that the original, we do not have to make their own forum can be confused in mind, the original, do a webmaster is so happy, originally, 5D6D can give my life to bring so much fun!

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