Do you know how the micro business evolved

with the rapid development of micro-blog and WeChat, spawned a new business direction, many entrepreneurs have entered the field of micro business, are engaged in prosperous people earn gold and silver bowl full, there are friends and relatives "abandon" efforts.

In fact,

derivative is not appear out of thin air, is not only the product of the "micro era", before taking the micro fortune has existed in this group, but they also exist in some form, we have to count the derivative is what reincarnation comes.


1, MLM organization – wash white transformation

is part of the micro business team is again marketing organization and transformation, which is a national organization to solve disc is not complete, the human trainer strong ability to brainwash people under hard work, sitting at the tip of the Pyramid boss smile count the money, after all, MLM is illegal, so is their transformation the white washed out.

2, direct selling agency – small and medium team from

Similar to the

of the organization and the marketing organization, in which it does not do meaningless arguments, but undeniable in today’s micro business team, evolved from the direct sales team and the majority of small team. The upper body of the direct marketing agency staff to leave less, but the middle of the staff to do more micro business, so the upper core did not leave, from here out of the small team is also just.

3, circle of friends – from scratch

in many teams, the most direct contact is the circle of friends, a lot of small head is starting from the circle of friends, a lot of friends and family around to do their own micro business, to the development of the emission is very slow to expand the scale of this team is generally small.

4, beauty products team – beauty is the eternal truth of women

beauty product team will never hold a core group of customers – mainly women! Throughout the derivative products, more than 80% of all women and consumers have a direct or indirect relationship, and beauty products and peripheral products always have the strongest competitiveness. There are products, customers, so do not worry about sales.

5, business team – a new attempt in traditional industries

no no "tip"! The traditional business in the Internet industry under the impact of xiaojiannaodai climb, finally, they found the derivative of such a traditional business and the internet. They continue to follow the trend of mining product, explosive materials, combined with the traditional customer resources also dig into the pot of gold in the field of micro business.

6, the main store electricity supplier new layout

original operators in the electricity supplier, as long as there is a new channel model, they will go to follow, micro business is just one of his electricity supplier channels.

7, Huaqiang North – Boss

unexpected help copycat

this is an unexpected Boss team!

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