Price increases B2C agricultural products on the line is inevitable

just saw the news, the Ministry of Commerce held in Haikou this winter and spring vegetable production and marketing work meeting according to the monitoring data show that in early November, 18 kinds of vegetables in China’s 36 large and medium-sized city average wholesale price of 3.9 yuan per kilogram, up 11.3% compared with the beginning of the year, compared with the same period last year rose 62.4%.

last year, that is to say, not more than 2.5 yuan can buy a kilo of vegetables, in the last month, need 3 yuan, a month off, you need to spend 9 cents. This is a bit faster, let these people be struck dumb. Of course, the food price increases, the reason is more complicated. There are climatic reasons, this year, the South and northeast part of the impact of natural disasters, farmland damage, but also on vegetable transport, oil prices and other factors. It is also such an opportunity, B2C began to step up the pace of agricultural products into the market.

has recently seen on the Shenzhen local farm products a formal operation of the news, from a consumer perspective, for Taobao, Dangdang, Jingdong, VANCL is certainly no stranger to these well-known brands like network did not buy the heard. And if suddenly asked, if you know where to buy agricultural products, I am afraid that many people can not answer.

yes, for the sale of agricultural products, there are still many things to do, one of which is to solve the problem of how consumers sell agricultural products on the network?

for the Internet, nothing is impossible, only difficult and not difficult, and electricity providers who are always in the problem of finding and solving the problem. And a number of e-commerce projects, agricultural e-commerce is not easy, the biggest problem to be solved is the transportation problem.

as the agricultural products, the edible qualities in transportation, often need to invest more manpower and resources, while ensuring the quality of the food at the same time, also can achieve double profit situation, it is really not easy.

is not no one thought, to food trading as a platform, as early as 09 years, some people began to establish a platform for vertical e-commerce similar to that for young white-collar love online shopping launched online order, distribution within the scope of free to send food service.

with the development of the business step by step, found the problems of the platform, such as: procurement, distribution and service. As a new platform, the initial investment is limited, which directly affects the distribution. The procurement is not good communication, very easy, prices are not cheap. Let consumers to dispel the purchase intention after comparison. When orders, delivery capacity is stretched, and directly affect the quality of service, it may reduce the credibility of the market.

so, want to start well, still need some opportunity for some exploration, especially for the positioning of consumer groups, if the location in the ordinary daily food that uncle aunt, a purchase amount of 20 yuan, the distribution of pressure is still quite large.

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