How can do Sina micro blog intends to Ali small abacus

enterprises and enterprises, will always be optimistic about the market. Take Sina micro-blog, recently because of rumors of Ali shares news while the share price rose, or even up to nearly 10% degrees. From the market reaction, this is a generally optimistic about the transaction, but the delay is not the final confirmation.

said the focus of debate is that differences exist in the process of negotiations between the two sides: the Alibaba hopes the overall acquisition of sina micro-blog, and Sina hopes Alibaba group just as a strategic investor to enter, and the depth of cooperation at the operational level and the Alibaba group.

In fact, this can be

with your situation I not willing to marriage, Ali also hope to get Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog to get her heart, but only willing to pay feelings. On both sides, cooperation is a win-win results, but the specific operation depth is the huaiguitai, behind its own abacus.

Ali, the domestic electricity supplier market in the short term will not have much problems, they fancy is the future. As Ma, is an absolute love ahead of the layout of the leader, it is his habit. For the development of social networks and the development of mobile Internet, electricity providers are very necessary to do their homework in these areas, so as to avoid the adverse situation in the future.

to the current Sina micro-blog in China’s social status, is definitely one of the best giants, so Ali hope to find here opportunities for cooperation, combine social and electricity supplier. In addition, Sina micro-blog mobile terminal market is also the future development of Ali fancy factors. Ali Sina micro-blog can attract more traffic from the mobile terminal, in the future competition in a dominant position. As the overall layout, the overall acquisition of sina micro-blog is Ali the best choice, through both accounts, the full integration of data, in the field of electricity providers will do great things.

but Sina does not think so, it regards micro-blog for their treasure, do not want to be baby submissively. As the most prosperous social tool, Sina micro-blog has made it proud capital. But to earn popularity does not make money the reality, how many make it feel some lack of confidence. Open up a larger market, find more partners and cooperation is the way Sina micro-blog would like to see. Therefore, it also hopes to be on Ali thigh, share the huge electricity supplier resources, in order to find their own path to profitability.

can be said that the cooperation between the two sides should be That’s final. things, as for the final result, presumably as long as Sina micro-blog refused to talk, Ali want the overall acquisition is not realistic. Fortunately, although the two sides have their own small abacus, summed up after all but does not conflict, mutual benefit and win-win is the common aspiration of both sides. This article Admin5 first, please remember us: Classic shopping mall reprint please indicate the source, thank you!

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