These cross border export sellers also support the German team for the provincial freight

July 5th news, recently touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans of the European Cup, also caused a group of cross-border export seller’s attention. Billion state power network that Jiangsu Hongkun group under the greenway cross-border trade service platform recently by the European Cup was a marketing, the number of freight and scored the export to Germany put a hook.


is reported that in Germany against Italy in the final 1/4, green road played the German team into a ball every day, to reduce the German line 1%FBA shipping activities, and quickly got the seller’s response. Green Road, said the German line last weekend, the amount of an increase of 79%, the number of other routes also have varying degrees of improvement.

according to the greenway, the event attracted a total of 527 users directly involved in cross-border trade, the export of the goods on the destination of the German Frankfurt and Hamburg, the average export volume of 100 per kg. Activity is expected to save a total of about $120 thousand of the seller’s shipping costs.

Hongkun group chief marketing officer Xu Jin said: "we want to strengthen its influence in the foreign trade industry through this activity, to allow more users to use our products. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to promote Sino German trade."

According to

billion state power network understanding, greenway cross-border trade service platform belonging to the Jiangsu Hongkun group, which owns the cross-border electricity supplier services platform "cross access" and the general trade service platform "easy compliance". Among them, cross accessibility for cross-border electricity supplier to provide logistics, customs clearance, settlement and tax rebates and other services.