Liu Qiangdong talk about the layout of the next 12 years Jingdong will be fully technical


technology news November 17th afternoon news, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong recently met with CEIBS entrepreneurship camp members, for the first time publicly share Jingdong for second to twelve years of strategic planning, said the Jingdong will be fully to develop technology, artificial intelligence and machine automation technology, the past twelve years to build the advantage in the traditional way comprehensive upgrade.

Liu Qiangdong said that the next twelve years, the Jingdong will further open, supply chain, logistics data, there are advantages will be fully open to the public, to further enhance the efficiency of the whole society, to promote the whole industry, become China commercial retail infrastructure provider. At the same time, through AR/VR technology, depth of learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and other innovative technologies, many of today’s science fiction film to see the scene in the next twelve years are likely to be fully realized." (Zhou Xuedie)

the following content according to Liu Qiangdong speech finishing:

welcome to Jingdong!

I would like to share with you my thoughts on Jingdong for second years in.

Jingdong in the first twelve years, regardless of the electricity supplier business or financial services are closely around the best user experience, the best efficiency, the lowest cost of these three points to expand. Our persistent pursuit of the user experience led to the industry’s attention to the quality of goods and services, and enhance our logistics costs of the whole society to create a substantial reduction in social value.

this year is the opening of the second Jingdong in twelve years. The opportunity is the rapid development of artificial intelligence, networking, AR/VR and other technologies for various industries is also a huge challenge, technological innovation will continue to reduce industry costs, enhance operational efficiency, and even subvert the role of the existing business model. In the next twelve years, we will all of the group’s products, services, services, comprehensive technology, to build a cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics technology as the core of intelligent business.

retail full intelligent

retail formats, the future of most people’s work can be solved with artificial intelligence plus robots. From the beginning of the production of goods, we can through the depth of learning, big data and artificial intelligence, the needs of every consumer digging. Based on the depth of consumer insight, we can guide the brand, the supplier needs to produce products for consumers, and we can also be interested in the product of the goods to be accurately pushed to them. Consumer behavior will change in the future. We can imagine such a scene: artificial intelligence has deep insight to every consumer, product, brand, and even can be done based on our data analysis of the food in the refrigerator, the future consumers do not even need to pay, do not need to order, no APP, most of the shopping can be automatically completed.

logistics throughout the unmanned

in May this year, the Jingdong set up wisdom