Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi announced love Amoy and micro Amoy merger

news September 29th, according billion state power network understanding, insiders broke the news on micro-blog, developed SNS products "love Amoy will end and wireless micro Amoy merger.

today, Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi Ali mobile terminal products in the group, said: love Amoy and micro Amoy to be together."


pictures from micro-blog

it is reported that love Amoy in the end of July on-line, the entrance immediately appeared on the right side of Taobao, Taobao revised after the love Amoy occupy the main position of the home page of the home page Taobao. As long as the merchant’s love Amoy account is the buyer’s attention, the seller can appear on the Taobao home page of the relevant buyers. Taobao official said the information channel Yuyan, this year is determined through the buyer to reach the seller, the seller can let all play their initiative. Taobao will provide all the sites that allow sellers to establish links with the target population.

but there are sellers at the time of the introduction of love Amoy said that there is no energy to take care of love Amoy, micro Amoy, WeChat, micro-blog and many other interactive platform, only part of the platform to operate slowly.

and micro Amoy positioning for Taobao’s public platform, the entrance on the phone Taobao. Insiders believe that the micro Amoy and love after the merger will break the boundaries between the PC and the end of the mobile terminal, the introduction of information from buyers, help to enhance user stickiness.