No money to repay the domain name is the first time the domain name as a property sealed

Xinbaoxun (reporter Guo Zhixia correspondent Chang Liang) because the debtor does not have enough cash and in kind paid, have to the company under the name of the domain name "China legal information network" seized. Reporter yesterday learned from the East Court, the court held that the domain name is the property, therefore seized, and this is the first time the seizure in the city.

?? court investigation found in the law of company under the name of cash and physical property is not enough to pay off all the debt, but its name is "China legal information network" a domain name, has economic value.

?? the court finds that the domain name right as a new right to the domain name as the object belongs to a kind of intellectual property, has the value of the property, according to the "Civil Procedure Law" and the provisions of the supreme judicial interpretation, can be seized according to law.

?? court subsequent to the Internet Network Information Center Chinese related units, served a notice for assistance in execution procedures, take measures to seal up the domain name right according to law.

?? at present, the case is being further processed.