The electricity supplier Mo war Mo Yan book or to focus on the opportunity to meet


Mo Yan won the news after the emergence of the Nobel prize, the domestic book electricity supplier did not seize this opportunity, missed the first wave of marketing opportunities. Now, Mo Yan went to Sweden to win the Nobel prize, will bring a new round of marketing opportunities, if properly marketed, will get more market share. The industry is forecast, relative from time to time out of stock and the price is not low paper books, e-books are more market.

Mo Yan heat driven Book catfish effect

domestic market has been keen on popular writer and bestselling author of the pursuit, and Mo Yan award, the publisher pinch, the electronic books secretly "gamble", especially from time to time in the pre-sale, the stock of the state of physical books, E-books has recently become the focus business opportunities. A survey found that Mo Yan heat caused the book catfish effect, more than the sales of books related to the hot Mo Yan, while driving consumer enthusiasm for reading, increase sales of other books rose.

is usually the emergence of popular books, followed by copyright issues. Mo Yan is currently on the market entity book copyright mainly by the Writers Publishing House, Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House, which has three classical bovee. Mo Yan before the award, the Writers Publishing House has already begun to plan and recommend the latest Mo Yan anthology; Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House in cooperation with the electricity supplier, exclusive sale 14 copies of the "complete works of Mo Yan, it is understood that the book market price 410 yuan, pre-sale price of 287 yuan, within 3 days of the pre-sale purchase amount of more than 100 thousand. A single product turnover of nearly 30 million yuan.

according to consumer psychology analysis, news, people will want to find out, increase the proportion of irrational consumption, but after the first wave of marketing, the climax again need more stimulating news events to drive, the consumption is more rational. Thus, in the early days of the Mo Yan prize, the book price is still expensive to buy. The industry believes that Mo Yan award period, people spend more rational, more attention will be locked in the field of e-books.

ebook "bought"

Dangdang or Mo war winner

Mo Yan before the award is pre-sale of the essays of Mo Yan. Mo Yan before the award, Dangdang reached an agreement with the Writers Publishing House, to obtain a full set of 20 copies of the exclusive license of the e-book works of Mo Yan, including the exclusive launch of the first edition of the 4 new books. Subsequently, Mo Yan related books master Mo Yan has also won the exclusive right to start, industry insiders predict Dangdang will become the electricity supplier, the marketing war in the winner of the "".

is now on the market to sell Mo Yan’s works up to more than a thousand businesses, marketing methods are also different, service card, pre-sale package, etc., but it is not genuine. digital museum official pointed out that all authorized by the regular e-book publishing institutions, the introduction and will increase the best-selling books, books, exclusive books, e-books to strengthen the quality of content construction, in order to cultivate consumer reading habits, rapid promotion "