Many electricity providers in selling special offer watches was fake

Armani 1.4 ~ 20 percent off, Burberry from 1.6 to 7% off…… "The lowest whole network", "official authorization genuine" message, let those who are prohibitive for big consumers to resist. Expect these special brand, it is fake!

,, Amazon, Jingdong, shop No. 1, serves network and other electronic business platform, was traced to the sales of luxury goods, there are different degrees of fake problem. For a time, a number of well-known electricity providers in door selling".

"sale" actually sell high imitation table

according to the media recently reported that the exposure of the fake source, is a sunny supplier. The company purchased Armani and Burberry two brands from Zhejiang, Shenzhen and several other businesses at the high imitation table, plus the additional purchase of the box, each purchase price at 200 yuan to 400 yuan, and these pairs after watches, eventually flowing into the well-known business platform Chinese on the way to promote sales. Such as in June 15th that one of the famous sale, the original price of 5000 yuan, the subject was 2 ~ 70 percent off watches sold, accounted for half of the two brands above. Behind Armani and Burberry two brands, it is sunny, sunny according to internal documents show that it is sunny and luxury goods in the Amazon, shop No. 1 Platform shop, is simply to sunny. Beijing East purchased column, the office of the sunny Cabernet fashion is one of them.

quoted insiders as saying that this situation exists in a variety of electricity supplier to supply companies, the electricity supplier not know, but because of the relatively cheap price of the goods, can bring a lot of popularity for electricity supplier, but also because it is not their own electricity supplier business, can even be found to disassociate themselves.

sunny after being exposed, some well-known electricity providers have issued a statement to be shut down on related shops, and to refund the product returns. customer service staff said, "for customers to buy related products, customer order number, confirm before buying the goods, we can apply for an unconditional return refund."

The Jingdong

said in a statement, has been on the "sunny opened Cabernet fashion shops were shut shop immediately processed, and has already begun to operate the shop to investigate the company. For consumers in the store to buy goods, can provide unconditional return service. At the same time, if the merchant has verified acts of counterfeiting and selling fake products, the Jingdong will according to "Jingdong open platform sellers integral management rules", in addition to its implementation process and repaying shut shop outside, also will be subject to heavy penalties.

also has the individual involved a statement from the electricity supplier, for example, serves network, shop No. 1 made it clear that "Peng sunny and never worked.

consumers can file claims

But in

, and Jingdong in the statement did not mention how the issue of compensation. < >