The pattern of the electricity supplier price war previews fatigue variables exist


– reporter Miao Xiali

morning news on the electricity supplier, a way to "promotion" has become the magic weapon of choice today "shuangshier" has become an important opportunity for the user and market share. But in the past, the price war is being transformed to other ways, began to differentiate. Alibaba put forward the concept of "small is beautiful", let small sellers become the protagonist of the Jingdong and the Tencent; mall’s QQ online shopping fast and easy, the main "service" brand, Jingdong dished out the "white beauty", service upgrades, beauty distribution; Tencent’s electricity supplier is that cash coupons and tailor service. On the other hand, in the "double eleven" has not yet been completely digested under the condition of "promotional efforts and attention twelve greatly decreased, online shopping fatigue is increasingly apparent, many electricity providers also revealed a helpless.

"for Taobao, ‘shuangshier’ is just a transformation of Taobao attempt, after Alibaba Ma on more than one occasion to promote C2B, personal customization service." Electricity supplier experts Lu Zhenwang believes that the "shuangshier" does not emphasize the big promotion, but a kind of support for the C2B mode, so the name of "small is beautiful" signs.


group chief strategy officer Zeng Ming believes that online shopping is not only the price and discount, but to cultivate a small and beautiful seller group. "In 3 years there are 1 million sellers, their annual sales of more than 1 million." Zeng Ming said, "do not make money in the future of the enterprise, it is very difficult to survive, the price war not only hurt the business, and ultimately hurt consumers, price is in play, we can not use this way to play. We want to make Taobao fun, fun, businesses and consumers interact, more meaningful platform".

and Jingdong mall, Tencent’s QQ online shopping and other electricity providers, such as fast and easy, the follow-up promotions, which is also a kind of frustration." Some Internet sources said that a normal vertical field after the competition, the final will be the home of the players 2-3 game. For example: micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog Tencent micro-blog on its enormous First impressions are strongest, followed by the QQ user group; in the search field, a dominant Baidu, Sogou and 360 strong challenges; in the field of video, Youku potatoes, Baidu video, Iqiyi Sohu and Tencent video also are competing for the top three positions.

"electric platform is in a fierce battle stage, Tmall as the industry leader position basically established, but the" second "has become one of several other competing position." Lu Zhenwang said, "the follow-up effect of double eleven" is still in the digestion, relative to 7, August, the major electricity supplier website traffic decline significantly, and the consumer overdraft seriously needs a new round of promotion to boost. At present, although Jingdong mall second position temporarily, but the Tencent, electric and Gome online pursuit of hot pursuit, the pattern of the electricity supplier there is still a lot of variables."