Group purchase winter shuffle rebate website unlimited prospects

buy, after more than a year of development in China, the rapid rise of the beginning of the current homogenization of a serious group buying market, Chinese style group is undergoing rapid change. In July this year, when the leader of the United States announced the purchase of B round of financing, announced the launch of the C round of financing, the reason is to be in the industry before the arrival of winter enough funds. One after another in August, but also the industry buy site layoffs to survive. This series of attacks, it is no doubt confirmed that the winter ushered in the purchase.

group has been the industry’s emerging market notes, but also sparked the favor of investors. But in this industry group purchase money, because of its low threshold, easy to copy to group purchase website in little more than a year soared to more than 5000, it is also because of group purchase market on a large scale, we all want to join a, so the market is in a mess. Shen Boyang believes that the industry called "thousand group wars" is more like a false proposition, because in the China mainstream group purchase website, consumers can never remember more than 20, eventually will survive the group purchase website is not more than 5, they must be those users after careful screening, the integrity of the group purchase website. Vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen believes that the domestic group purchase is expected before the winter will come in October of this year, but the field has been ahead of a quarter of group purchase into the winter, this process at least for a year and a half or so, the end result will be only about three group purchase website. So it seems that the whole group of industry will face a big reshuffle.

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