Tesco e book platform to compete with Amazon for the UK market

technology – Tencent (Eloise) September 5th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon recently in the United States in action again and again, launched a new plan, it seems the heel has a firm in the United states. In order not to let Amazon eat this big cake in the UK, the UK’s largest retailer Tesco following Amazon, but also began to step up the British e-book market.

Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world, revenues amounted to $107 billion, behind WAL-MART and carrefour. Recently, Tesco to $7 million 100 thousand acquisition of the e-book platform Mobcast. This is only a small sum for a world-class retailer, but the acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to counter the threat.

Tesco’s revenue comes mostly from the store, but it also operates online shop, selling all kinds of goods, including the women’s jeans, cordless drill and iPad. This is a competition with amazon. In fact, Amazon has grown rapidly in the UK, with sales in the UK in the second quarter of this year, up by more than the same period last year by about 32%. In order to compete with Amazon e-book market, Tesco acquired a number of digital media companies, hoping to compete with amazon.

Mobcast by the action thriller author Andy McNab (Andy · McNab) was founded in 2007, the same year, Amazon began to enter the ebook market. Through this acquisition, Tesco will get 130 thousand e-books, these works can be read in several mainstream clients, including iPhone and Android mobile platform.

Tesco of the acquisition is to speed up their own online business, and Amazon, Barnes & noble struggle in the ebook market. As one of the UK’s largest book seller, Tesco in the digital content market share is significantly lower than the Amazon and Barnes & noble, the two firms that have more than 1 million books in this ebook. However, compared with a huge electronic library is more important, Mobcast provides a cloud platform for Tesco, available for sale of e-books and other digital content has the potential to attract users.

Mobcast is Tesco’s third successful digital media company in the past 18 months. Prior to this, Tesco also acquired the video streaming company Blinkbox, which provides similar services and Netflix, the acquisition time for April 2011. In June, Tesco acquired a similar Pandora Internet radio company WE7, designed to provide customers with a larger streaming music library.

however, given that Amazon has recently performed well in the UK, such as the recent launch of Kindle, the UK’s largest physical chain store Waterstones, and