Rural electricity supplier report 73 6% users most commonly used Taobao and Tmall

[Abstract]2015 annual meeting is a prosperous year of rural electricity supplier? Perhaps we should first look at the current user behavior of rural electricity supplier is how.

electricity supplier in three lines above the city’s demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, the market structure has gradually formed. Thus, the channel sink, expand the new market has become a lot of electricity providers in recent years since the strategic direction. In this one, especially the rural market has become Ali, Jingdong and other business giants in the strategic market, they are active in the layout of the County Service Center, hoping to move the frozen layer. And go to the fields "whitewashing" business company is to meet the eye everywhere.

2015 will be a prosperous year for rural electricity providers, perhaps we should first look at the current user behavior of rural electricity supplier is how.

thousands of users to participate in the "Penguin" cool "launched by the rural electricity supplier user behavior survey", for the worst they online shopping frequency, the favorite of the online shopping experience in the electricity supplier website, the problems of their choice are given. We conducted an analysis of the results of the survey, in order to understand the behavior of rural users electricity supplier.

(Note: the survey samples are from the network, so the report of rural users) that will use the Internet of rural users.


first, the mobile phone has become the most important online shopping terminal

64.2% of rural Internet users through mobile shopping, and the use of computer shopping only 32.9%. It can be said that the phone is not only the most popular Internet users in rural terminals, but also their most important Internet terminal.

in the rapid popularization of the Internet in the past few years, due to the limited network infrastructure and the high cost of the terminal, the use of inconvenience and other reasons, the number of Internet users in rural areas has been a linear increase in PC. But the outbreak of the mobile Internet in addition to many PC users to speed up the process of mobile, also let a lot of people in rural areas have not yet OCS directly into the mobile Internet users.

two, about half of the users are already using

43.5% of rural users will visit the electricity supplier website within a week, the proportion of urban users with a difference of only 10%. Electricity supplier has become a relatively high frequency of Internet users behavior in rural areas.

at the same time, the proportion is equivalent to "shopping needs to" people, accounting for about 44%. Visible, rural users in the use of electricity supplier service differentiation into high frequency group and the demand for the family of the two major categories of people.

three, from shopping to buy, purpose oriented consumption is the mainstream

although nearly half of rural users have developed a habit of visiting the electricity supplier website a few times a week, but to the actual occurrence of shopping, this ratio will be reduced to 17.9%, a decline of up to 59%. But there are already 28.2% of the average user will be shopping at least once a month for at least 1.

by explicitly purchasing