Tmall said that these five trends will be the heart of the fire business how to play

[Abstract] qiongzesibian, this sentence in the business a lot of time is not established, is often at the forefront of the market business but can see farther. In October 23rd, Tmall jointly issued the "2016 global trend of consumer trends report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the latest trend of foreign CBNData forecast. In this regard, the five consumption trends in the judgment and observation of the state power grid to collect a number of front-line businesses published, for reference.

trend one: fans love to learn to wear the star to wear the same paragraph is the electricity supplier blasting machine

learned billion state power network, the "report" shows a phenomenon – the star of the same paragraph, to become the online explosion of manufacturing machine, the high visibility of the idol star and television drama great influence on online fashion, young people has become a weathervane dress.

is a television drama clothing trend will lead consumers to imitate, such as the 2014 "you come from the stars" actress Gianna Jun, 2016 "the sun’s seed" heroine Song Hye Kyo, they can greatly stimulate consumer online search and buy in the other.

at the same time, street shooting star wearing can also cause consumers to buy online, such as Gao Yuanyuan, Yang Mi and Fan Bingbing with the support line explosion of "half of the country," Gao Yuanyuan shot in the street of the sweater, sweater, leather dress, Fan Bingbing, is a fan favorite purchase category.


2016 is the most discussed network of red, the trend of consumption influence should not be underestimated. Whether it is white shoes, jackets or sweaters with short pilots, supermodel Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jener as the representative of the Red Net sisters wear a fire one, these star names have become a hot consumer online search keywords fashion styles.

"report" analysis, amazing idol effect created a large number of Red Net shops and original brand savvy brands began to learn in accordance with the trend of the propagation path of marketing, which pays more attention to online promotion, especially broadcast and fashion bloggers recommended.

related comments:

1, play fun CEO open sister: in China, said IP is a lot of time to say star

although China’s consumer market has been optimistic about the global IP copyright side, but compared to the Disney model and the days of strangers, China’s IP derivatives development is still in its infancy. In the final analysis, today’s film and television IP is still based on the stars do, the combination of the brand and the film and television IP, but also want to rub the star’s heat."

open sister said that in this context, the star with the amount of search in Taobao is the largest derivative. Each film and television drama out, the stars are the same money for various reasons, most of the money to be made by the pirates to go away.

2, Golden Delicious Taobao shop shopkeeper: promotion expenses net red shop is also very amazing


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