Drilling exhibition 150 resources reserve price of 0 01 yuan will bring what changes

February 6th, I believe a lot of businesses have received the official background of the drilling exhibition announcement, is the 150 resources of the drilling exhibition reserve price will be adjusted to $0.01. After receiving this information, I am very surprised, because the impact of this change is very large, but also I am very happy to see.

and in fact, only in a franchise store has opened all the resources of 0.01 yuan reserve price, this shop is not on the drill before the show, but this month began to put small. Store base is not very good, the effect of all the launch will not be too good, the impact of this change can not be immediate. Another drill exhibition flagship store on daily budget is relatively high, but could not open the authority, telephone consultation with a drill show little post, the result is part of the shop opened in the closed beta, it was not the time schedule.

in accordance with the author of drilling a year and a half of the operating experience to analyze, if the full adjustment of the reserve price, the impact is very large. First of all, there is no pass vote, that is, for the master, will not be a waste of money on the investment. In fact, even if the author has been operating for a year and a half of the drilling exhibition, but many times it is inevitable that there will be a vote, because some of the resources of the ROI is better, there is also a vote to vote. But for some rookie, through investment may still occur, because each resource price will also have prompted bid, do not understand the offer is in accordance with the rookie get more traffic through investment.

second point change is a day can be put in twenty-four hours. In 0 to 7 this time period, even if the first coke like Tmall, focus on the right side of the map will also appear in some of the resources through the flow of traffic. Like Taobao coke on the first, it is not easy to open these time periods of the launch, even if the brand is such a big promotion activities are the same. Therefore, if there is no twenty-four hours through the flow of investment, in the time to participate in the brand, you can put twenty-four hours a day, so that the higher the income.

third is like the author of the shop can all turn into the flow of visitors. Based on previous interest points based on the number of Taobao, the first ring set is probably around 400 thousand, directional point of interest of this traffic, Taobao in the ROI page can easily do more than 1, at the time of the activity can be 1.5 or even higher, while the Tmall page of the ROI is very easy to do more than 2 activities you can do about 3. But since the beginning of January, Taobao in the first ring set point of interest rate is 2 million or so, a sudden turn 4 times, the result is the point of interest ROI is relatively poor, the Tmall page ROI managed to over 1.2, and compared to before is really bad too far. Accidentally a test, chose a shop as a seed shop, found that ROI in more than 4, copied to other resources, ROI are more than 2. But even if the ROI is relatively high, in the brand group and other activities, the need to spend a lot of budget, even

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